Guided by REQUIREMENT, RIGOR and BENEVOLENCE, we harness these human values to help our clients develop their activities, in an environment where long-term performance is a key issue.

Our unique and agile ecosystem reveals and develops the qualities and talents of our staff by stimulating both individual initiative and collective innovation. 

Integration Process

There are different ways to approach a recruitment process: answering an ad, applying at trade shows/talks, passing on your CV to someone you know, submitting a spontaneous application, etc.

However your application reaches us, it will be quickly taken care of by our HR team, who will do their best to process it and get back to you ASAP.

On average, the recruitment process lasts two weeks, with the organisation of no more than 3 interviews.

Your profile matches our current needs (they change regularly) and our career aims converge > let's go!

Before you arrive, and to help you to find your feet fast, we send you a welcome kit containing all the information you'll need on our internal tools and standard operating procedures, which are yours, too, now.

The big day has arrived : it's your first day !

Once we've broken the ice over breakfast, your first morning is spent getting to know how we work (governance, processes, tools, career management, etc.). Complete with your computer equipment, all your codes and now you've got to grips with our habits and customs (the welcome kit is there to make sure you don't forget anything), you're ready to get stuck in.

This first day is just part of your integration process. Your first few months will offer several key opportunities to get to know your colleagues and increase your skills on a wide range of themes (both hard and soft skills).

Career Management

"We grow with our staff.
Today's senior staff are yesterday's junior employees."

Joining Optimind means committing to a long-term project and working together to develop a career path.

It's important for us to recruit staff who want to be fully integrated into an organisation where individual effort is visible in collective effort, and where everyone can find their place and grow.

Ready to listen, with a "win-win" attitude, every employee is individually assisted.

On top of the traditional annual performance review and career review, and given that a year is rich in projects, two additional individual reviews are organised every year. Of course these aren't the only opportunities to have discussions with management, but these slightly more formal meetings (i.e. the minutes are entered into our career management tool) allow us to assess everyone in nearly real time and to quickly put in place the actions required to achieve the year's objectives. 

Our organisation is not divided and our strength lies in the fact that our consultants work regularly with colleagues from other practices, allowing them all to broaden their skills.

Each new service or solution created offers our consultants the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills.


In an ever-changing environment, training is a key part of our policy.
We make sure our staff can keep up to date and regularly develop their knowledge and skills.

This is why we have created the Optimind Skill Centres (OSCs). Their role is to provide monitoring, training (both internal and external) and support for consultants on assignments, and to encourage sharing of knowledge/good practices.

Guided by our Expertise Leaders, these skill centres allow our consultants to develop or broaden their knowledge in a field that may be different from what they see on assignment.

But there's more...

At Optimind we also attach great importance to corporate life. This is why we like to meet up at more "fun" events and aren't lacking in imagination to create opportunities to get away from it all, such as seminars, the children's Christmas party, the one for the staff, the Easter egg hunt, "Ugly Jumper Day", etc.

That, too is the Optimind touch !