Optimize and structure investment solutions, answer multi-standard obligations, enhance performance and ALM management.

The “finance” function must face several challenges such as transforming processes in a context of ever-shrinking publishing deadlines and multiple accounting standards, adapting to the changes in regulations, learning and setting up of sharing communities with the other functions of the company, seeking profitability without worsening the return-to-risk ratio, and optimising the cost of capital. And, to boot, this must be done in an environment of low interest rates and significantly smaller risk premiums. 

Financial communication is also paramount in this increasingly complex world.

Our tasks in the “finance” function can have several aspects:

  • In the accounting and finance fields, we can manage transformation and documentation projects and set up multiplestandard processes;
  • Our offering in the management control field covers the implementation of a margin-approach profit and loss account, cost analysis and benchmarking, and the setting up of dashboards;
  • In matters relating to ALM, we offer our experience and our models to optimise asset allocation to meet constraints, generate economic scenarios in a stochastic universe, and define tables to monitor market risk appetite;
  • Lastly, in the asset management field, we set up analysis and reporting tools as well as automation and robotisation tools, in particular as regards the demands for insurance portfolio transparency.