conception of innovative products and services in time-to-market, define distribution procedure

After several years marked by massive investing in regulation projects, growth and development have once again become centre-stage concerns.

The changes in society driven by the digital and technological transformation, have brought with to them several opportunities to optimise the market approach through the reinvention of offerings, targeting and distribution processes. The market transformation has led to a paradigm shift in the way insurance carriers work, based on the principle of transversality. To hone one’s competitive edge, it has in fact become a necessity to coordinate the different divisions – IT, marketing, back office, sales – to capitalise on the cross-functional expertise of each function.

The optimisation of the offering and the distribution processes must be a part of a cross-functional company project. Our Market service combines the best of expertise and a view of the major trends to support insurance carriers in their various undertakings, and notably to:

  • Define strategic objectives and positioning of the offerings;
  • Optimise the offerings;
  • Prepare the 360 client view optimised by our expert knowledge of data quality;
  • Improve client targeting, in particular through data approaches and tools provided by data science;
  • Transform the distribution processes;
  • Cut down the time to market by analysing front-to-back processes and reviewing the applicative and functional target architecture.

The implementation of a strategy to diversify the offering implying the definition and the organisation of processes and distribution networks, by providing a project methodology and business expertise for targeting, steering and coordination of all the contributors.