Digital transformation.
Contribute the methodology needed for change management, steer the projects, spread digital innovation and implement it

Customisation, immediacy, volatility, product-service systems, price sensitivity are some of the observed impacts of digital transformation of the economy and of our lives on the client’s expectations. 

This transformation goes hand-in-hand with new structural challenges inherent to the sector’s decreased profitability.
The all-digital move combined with so-called Liquid expectations, equivalent to user experiences similar to GAFA, presently generates a genuine paradigm shift for insurers that goes far beyond technological transformation, implying cultural and organisational changes within the company.

It calls for transforming the organisation in the broad sense to usher the insurance value chain in this digital mutation and ensure a client-centric approach. Our Digital Transformation service pools multiple areas of expertise to provide insurance carriers with end-to-end support in their digital transformation undertakings, from strategy definition to implementation, notably including:

  • The creation of an IT master plan dedicated to the digital transformation of the front-to-back value chain;
  • The optimisation of operational excellence via the automation of processes (RPA/AI);
  • The reorganisation of working methods by incorporating new collaborative solutions;
  • The cultural acceptance of the transformation using ideation methods;
  • Measures to ensure the sustainability of the production before and after its implementation, and security through change management;
  • Reinvention of client relations by revising the client itinerary from lead to after-sales;
  • The transformation of sales forces (steering, networking, organisation, etc.).

The digital transformation of sales forces driven by the transformation of sales support tools and CRM to optimise client relations and client’s loyalty, which implies going beyond technology towards the organisational and territorial restructuring of the sales division.