ensuring regulatory compliance, adapting and inspecting organisations and their processes

Many recent and forthcoming regulatory reforms (Solvency II, Fourth and Fifth AML/CTF Directive, Sapin II Act, GDPR, IDD, etc.) impact companies’ organisation and their various processes.

Their implementation calls not only for expert knowledge to carry out a fine-grained analysis of the regulatory impacts on the companies' operations, but also for working in project mode to steer the compliance efforts and involve all the stakeholders. 

With these various regulatory changes the Compliance function has become a must in companies. To adopt the regulatory changes, this function must have all available tools to carry out its tasks.

We call on our expertise in the various regulatory subjects to provide you with support, methods and tools adapted to your requirements:

  • Bringing your organisations and operations in line with regulatory reforms (AML/CTF, IDD, GDPR, Sapin II Act, etc.):
    • Making a diagnosis and creating a road map for implementing the project;
    • Operational implementation: project follow-up, production of deliverables, training and change management.
  • Organising the compliance mechanism, setting up the Compliance function:
    • Organising the Compliance function and its governance;
    • Setting up compliance reference system tools, non-compliance risk mapping.
  • Outsourcing of the key function;
  • Verifying the compliance of insurance firms subject to regulation under the Solvency II Directive;
  • Outsourcing of the DPO (Data Protection Officer) function.

The risk of sanctions in the event of non-compliance with regulations is on the rise. Our Compliance services give you concrete solutions adapted to your business and the size of your organisation.