Strategy - consulting and acquisition projects - Optimind.
Assisting top management in defining their strategy and in their investment and divestment projects

It is a fact, a strategy, whether aimed at consolidation or at growth, must be well thought-out with well-defined objectives and, more importantly, it must be implemented. This calls for several ingredients that are necessary for its design, maturation and decision-taking.

We strongly feel that, besides an excellent knowledge of the markets concerned, a genuine benchmark capacity and strategic ideation methodologies, strategy today must be accompanied by the new conceptual powers we believe we embody. This calls for a novel capacity dedicated to factoring in corporate and business trends even as they crop up ; the study phase today must cope with the onset of new trends. 

Lastly, we firmly believe that, for the markets we operate in, the field of possibilities and the views given by advisers can no longer be “uprooted”; our partners engaged in strategic support have adopted the winning stance feet on the ground and head in the clouds.

Organising strategic support, the associated considerations and their implementation call for this two-fold methodological rigor and know-how. Using these mechanisms, we propose in our approach :

  • Support to C-levels to respond to their questions, add to their market view, identify future stakes, define alternatives and model scenarios;
  • Definition of the strategic paths considered with well-defined objectives, by deploying joint building methods such as design thinking to stimulate creativity, promote synergies, steer the project process, formally define strategic ambitions and set decision objectives;
  • And of course, support in implementing acquisition/divestment/merger projects by identifying ambitions, connecting potential partners, defining leverage and synergies, managing due diligence, extracting value from scenarios and rationalising the final decision.