Human resources.
Assisting in and drawing value from the implementation of benefits policy, increasing HR performance

Human Resources, a crucial performance driver for companies, must face ever-tougher challenges.

The regulatory changes over the past few years have not spared the companies' Hr departments which are forced to adapt to the new demands even as they expand the Social Protection coverage for their employees.

This transformation is particularly conspicuous in the Supplemental Health Insurance sector, with generalised cover for all employees (national inter-professional national agreement (ANI)), changes in the requirements of “responsible” policies and new obligations arising from collective bargaining agreements. It should spread rapidly to the pension sector to supplement the regulatory changes in the basic schemes.

The services we provide relate to all of your Social Protection projects: creation of a new plan, upgrading, selection of insurance carriers, administration set-up, technical control, annual negotiations, informing and raising the awareness of employees.

Optimind proposes customised, tailored solutions that are designed to meet our clients’ specific requirements, hinged on three major lines of action :

  • Optimising your mechanisms : reconciling your social objectives with your economic constraints 
  • Managing your plans : to ensure their durability and stability
  • Communicating : to promote the value of compensation packages