About us.

Optimind is an independent consulting firm that provides support to insurance firms, banks and large companies by targeting business opportunities to grow their performance. We offer advisory services and solutions to answer major challenges of competition, transformation and regulation. Considering the risks they carry, these challenges offer great opportunities for expansion.

Our ambition in the context of regulatory, technological and corporate/social changes is to offer a comprehensive solution, for our clients to fulfill their obligations and implement the transformations they need.

Optimind’s value proposal is a combination of top-level expertise and proven methodologies. We have the necessary knowledge and experience to guarantee that we will adopt the best practices of the industry.

Throughout our development, we have remained true to our entrepreneurial and pragmatic DNA which is expressed in our five practices and driven by our 200 employees : Risk Management, Actuarial & Financial Services, Business Transformation, Corporate Risk Services, Business Process Outsourcing.

Guided by requirement, rigor and kindness, we harness these human values to help our clients develop their activities, in an environment where long-term performance is a key issue.

We have a unique and agile ecosystem that brings the strengths and talents of our employees to light and develops them by prompting individual initiatives and collective innovation. Governance, communication, R&D, in-house centres of expertise, training are its key components.

Our clients

Optimind's clients are insurance institution, bank and large companies. The advice and services are mainly centered around the definition of strategy, risk management and transformation.

Thanks to values and positioning, modernity and the transparency of his offers. Optimind is the privileged partner in risk management, quantitative and qualitative, of most major accounts of the place.

Our services lines cover every link in our customer value chain : Strategy, Finance, Risk, Compliance, Market, Digital transformation, Human resources, Data, BPO.

Key figures.


30,000 days
of consulting
per year



> 5% of revenues
is invested in R&D

French team
of Risk Advisory Managers

Our team.

Optimind’s Partners are seasoned professionals skilled in various fields. They vouch for the implementation of the company’s undertakings and personally commit to their success in terms of availability, analysis, follow-up, management, technicality and initiatives.

Optimind’s governance is hinged on several main bodies: Management Committee, Strategic Committee, Executive Committee, Managers Committee and Practice Committee. These bodies stand guarantee for the application of best practices, in professional and ethical terms, and decide upon the strategic guidelines of the Company.

The commitment made by Optimind’s employees and managers constitutes a strong chain where each link plays a part in fulfilling our undertaking.

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Christophe Eberlé

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
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Pierre-Alain Boscher

Managing Director
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Julie Norguet

Human Resources Director
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Jean-Charles Simon

Executive Director
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Emmanuel Berthelé

R&D Director
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Arnaud Cadon

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Dan Chelly

Senior Partner
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Valérie Deppe

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Fabien Graeff

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Thibaud Hager

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Alain Le Corre

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Gildas Robert

Senior Partner
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Marie-Catherine Sarraudy



6 Expertise Centers to serve the practices

To promote the development of our know-how, to share knowledge and spread professional best practices, our consultants and managers work together in Expertise Centers (EC), the company’s internal working groups, combining expertise lines and cross-functional capabilities.

They participate in our R&D and innovation efforts, identify risks and opportunities related to emerging topics and contribute to the preparation of our communications, events and training.


“Providing tailored assistance in defining your strategy, monitoring your risks and optimising your processes”

Actuarial & Financial Services supports financial institutions, insurance companies, banks and social protection scheme groups in the quantitative management of technical and financial risks, Finance & Risks department transformation projects, actuarial services, ALM, performance analysis and management, product innovation, and all insurance sectors, including savings, retirement, life insurance, health, and property and casualty.
We provide assistance and expertise on:

  • All actuarial issues: product development and pricing, inventory and provisioning, actuarial and multi-standard financial modelling
  • Accounting sectors and management control: handling of multi-standard reporting obligations, consolidation, transformation projects (acceleration, operational efficiency and regulations), steering and budgets, capital planning, financial communication
  • Assets and liabilities management, optimisation of investment-related indicators (yields, risks, capital costs) and controlling market risks
  • Product innovation: design and multi-channel distribution of innovative products and services, machine learning
  • Data exploitation: digital migration and big data, data science, digitisation, robot-driven automation, reduction of time-to-market, and process automation

The Business Transformation practice will assist you in your business transformation projects. Through this practice, and as a leading name in digital organisational transformation, Optimind provides support to senior managements and the marketing, digital, IT, operations and transformation departments to cope with the paradigm shift in client expectations in the Insurance business.

Opportunity studies, strategic and operational scoping, master plan definition, implementation of transformation plans and guidance in change management are some of the tasks we handle.

With our staff member’s cross-disciplinary background combined with their know-how of innovative methodologies and the additional expertise brought by our ecosystem of partners, we can undertake end-to-end operations to conduct value chain transformation programmes, from defining strategy to providing general contractor and IT assistance in project steering.

The area of expertise of the Corporate Risk Services practice is focused on social protection and social benefits. Our consultants have the expertise suited to provide support to companies, branches, pension fund companies, public service bodies and local governments.

This practice caters to all Social Protection entities, and in particular, Human resources departments, administrative and finance departments and employee representatives.

Our consultants are well-versed in understanding and managing the mechanisms of Provident funds, Health, Dependency, Retirement, Employee savings and Social policy liabilities (retirement gratuities, severance packages, long service awards, work time savings account, etc.).

We place a multi-disciplinary range of competencies at our clients’ disposal – actuarial, legal, HR communication, training, software services and more.
The Corporate Risk Services staff rally all efforts to maintain a constructive dialogue between all the stakeholders in this business sector (senior managers, union representatives, lawyers, insurers, regulatory authorities and ministries). In this context, Optimind actively participates in national debates on the future changes to Social Protection and its outlook.

Our Risk Management practice will assist you in procedures to ensure the security of your business. You will be able to transform your knowledge of risk into genuine opportunities and have better control over the contingencies that may impact your earnings. 

With our strong experience in qualitative risk and compliance management, we can handle not only the definition of the mechanism and its governance but also its deployment, with or without tooling, as well as training and change management.

The BPO or Business Process Outsourcing practice is centred on our knowledge of back-office, middle-office and front-office process outsourcing. Our staff has the complete range of competencies required to provide top-notch specialised service. It is underpinned by our client and finance advisers, managers, accounting operators, de communication officers, general contracting consultants, IT engineers, compliance experts and experts in process robotisation.

Our areas of focus and expertise span retirement, provident funds, distribution of insurance contracts and mortgage loans.


Optimind has opted to abide by the United Nations Global Compact and undertakes to adopt, support and apply within its sphere of influence, the fundamental values of Human rights, Working conditions, Environment and Anti-corruption.

Every day for eight years now, Optimind has made all efforts to apply the ten universally recognised principles of the Global Compact in its business activity, strategy and decision-making process. Also, to share our conviction about the importance of abiding by best practices to contribute to shaping a more stable, fairer and more open market, we regularly announce the actions we implement, notably to our stakeholders (clients, suppliers, service providers, etc.) to urge them to adopt this voluntary initiative.